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Word updating cross references

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Word was naturally the choice app for a text-heavy document with a few exceptions. A number of the figures in the document had to be referenced a number of times, and in a few cases they were added up or multiplied (think 50% deposit of $X). (You didn’t mention which version of Word you are using, so I’m assuming you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010.)You want what you see on screen to be the same as what prints, so make sure you work in print layout view. In the Document Views group, make sure Print Layout is selected.That won’t fix the problem, but if you are using some other view, it may be why everything looks fine on screen then messed up in Print Preview.

By turning on “Track Changes”, Word will highlight changes to your document as you make them.Here is an example to illustrate this: Notice that Word shows Figure 5-1 as deleted and then added, but in actuality, it hasn’t changed!This can be very annoying for people who are reviewing your new document.Not liking to repeat myself, coupled with my penchant for perfection and accuracy, I turned to Microsoft Word’s bookmarking, cross-referencing & even less known formula feature. Bookmarking & Cross-Referencing First step to not repeating yourself is to bookmark the initial value. Cross-references are included in the exported SWF file if Include Hyperlinks is selected in the Export SWF dialog box.