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They had all this information, but had no idea how to string it together, Step by Step. I wanted to create a book that was simple to apply - that if applied in a Step by Step manner, as written - would give the results it said it did. We all know hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the folks that turn to the Lulu app are no exception.

And worse off, the more information they had, the less able they were to put the pieces together or take any action on it. As with most review apps and review sites, most people only post a review when they have had a bad experience.

This hurdle alone will eliminate the weak and the unsure. And while New Years resolutions aren't the only times for assessments, it's a damn good start.

But moreover, I saw something more alarming - People DID NOT know what to do. [Read more...] The Lulu app is an app that allows women to post “reviews” of men they’ve dated or slept with by integrating with the Facebook social media platform.

When I was 21 years old, I started my first company, called, .

Over a five-year period, I coached thousands of men, and helped shape them into the type of man that could attract amazing women into their lives.

Online dating can be an annoying, frustrating experience at times.

For something that’s frequently hailed as the dating salvation for the introverted, the socially awkward, and the shy, sometimes all that happens is… Your winks and messages get sent out and all you get for your trouble is deafening silence.

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As you know, creating products that truly help others is my passion, so I'm thrilled to be able to bring this to the market. As I'm sure you've seen, there's a lot of I have a few ideas about why this is. And that's how Get the Girl in 30 Days or Less: 30 Step-by-Step Missions for PUAs, Naturals, and Guys Just Like You to Attract Women and Get Dates was born. But getting a system that shows you Step by Step how to get it handled, and getting started on doing just that TODAY. He runs the acclaimed Platinum Mastermind Program, where he coaches guys just like you through dozens of step by step missions with customized programs, individual feedback, and 24/7 access to coaching. It’s time to take an assessment of where you’re at in game, what you’ve learned this year, and what you’re having difficulty with. An assessment is important because quite frankly, this game is tough.

The first is that application makes people get off their ass, quit being keyboard jockeys, and actually do something. It was born out of a desire to fulfill this need, so that you guys can get started on getting this area of your life handled TODAY. And even though we call it “a game”, it’s not really a game – it’s your life.

This is not the way to attract a partner into your life.

Whenever I pursue something in my life, I always think about what is the most important thing that I need to focus on in order to get the highest return.